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A high-performance 2-person keel boat.

Unbelievable value for money in comparison to many other club keel boats.

The first Rota-moulded keel boat and the reason we chose this boat from our range was because of the beautiful hull shape which really suited this concept which was designed for hiking. The incredibly beamy hull, measuring in at 2m wide, makes for a very comfortable, spacious and uncluttered cockpit. This impressive design allows the crew to easily control the XK1, which has a smaller rig from the standard Xenon, for ease of handling with the keel version.

XK1 Features

• Amazing value for money keel boat is set to become a modern classic
• Greater levels of control and stability mean the Topaz XK1 appeals as a multi-purpose family fun boat
• 2m beam hull design to guarantee comfort for all the crew
• Very spacious and well-equipped cockpit
• Safe, stable and reassuring sailing perfect for a teaching environment
• Designed so it is simple to use when launching from a pontoon
• Hinged mast step system for easy rigging by just one person


The highest specification as standard.

The XK1 comes with a smaller rig which uses a Dacron mainsail with built in single-line reefing system, allowing the performance to be changed out on the water to suit a wider variety of skill levels. The unrivalled TRILAM construction is used again here, meaning the boat will stand up to all the stresses of training and racing and is virtually maintenance free. It comes with a weighted keel (45kg), epoxy Rudder blade and the highest specification equipment is fitted as standard.


Formidable style and speed.

The Topaz XK1 X is the version with the gennaker fitted. Adding a gennaker creates that extra fun element of having a boost in power for sailors looking for an exhilarating sail. It is a single line system, so very easy to use once you have mastered the main and jib and need more performance. Giving you the ultimate sail with friends and family. The XK1 X is the answer to teaching clients that want stability from capsizing yet still want the performance.

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XK1 prices start at £12,595.00 (inc VAT.)

If you would like a more detailed quote to discuss you requirements, please contact one of our sales team for more information.


Our dedicated Sales Managers, Russ & Jon are always on-hand for any questions, or help you require.

We have an on-the-road parts and repairs shop and Russ attends various events across the country to fix or replace equipment. He is also a font of knowledge offering general advice and after-care for all our customers.

Below you will find all the support documents available for the XK1. If you have any further questions or can’t find what you are looking for please let us know! 



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