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Exceptionally simple, and safe sailing.

The Topaz WWS Oppie can be sailed singlehanded by very young sailors, but also has the capacity for two children.

The Topaz WWS Oppie is designed as a safe training boat for your 5-10-year-old child to learn to sail. It is very simple to rig, and very stable. At just 40kg, the Topaz WWS Oppie has one of the lightest hull’s, yet has one of the strongest constructions using out Tri-Lam rotomolded technology. The unrivalled Topaz Tri-Lam construction produces a supremely durable hull with high levels of buoyancy. 

  • The Topaz WWS hull is compatible with Optimist spars, and blades.
  • Perfect for teaching with the spacious cockpit.
  • Incredibly stable design.
  • Topaz WWS works to prepare your child for the Optimist racing circuit or the Topper racing circuit.
  • The Topaz WWS is the perfect starter boat for your club.

Topaz WWS Features

The Topaz WWS is self-bailing via two holes in the transom, sealable by rubber balls. This enables you to easily rinse the boat post-sailing.

In addition, the thwart, centreboard case and buoyancy tanks are connected to each other to ensure ultimate stiffness, with the bottom of the boat reinforced with three ribs – to help protect against wear and tear.

Other features include; a rubber stop at the back of the centreboard case – preventing damage when running aground and a central eye in the bow for easy towing.

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Topaz WWS prices start at £2,225.00 (inc VAT.)

If you would like a more detailed quote to discuss you requirements, please contact one of our sales team for more information.


Our dedicated Sales Managers, Russ & Jon are always on-hand for any questions, or help you require.

We have an on-the-road parts and repairs shop and Russ attends various events across the country to fix or replace equipment. He is also a font of knowledge offering general advice and after-care for all our customers.

Below you will find all the support documents available for the Topaz WWS. If you have any further questions or can’t find what you are looking for please let us know! 



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