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Launching Trolley


Launching trolleys are a really useful piece of kit to help get your boat on the water.
Strong, durable and hardwearing we’d recommend one with every boat we sell!

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The Launching Trolley is made from steel, perfect for a safe and easy launch of your sailboat. Please note; this trolley is heavier than the lightweight collapsible trolley we also have available.

Easy to use, your boat simply sits on-top the launching trolley which can be rolled in and out of the water. If you have finished sailing and want to tow your boat, you can also mount this trolley onto a road base (sold separately) providing your trolley model is compatible. Again, easy to use the trolley is secured to the trailer with a retaining clip.

Boat Type Xenon | Vibe | Omega | Ranger | Fusion | Argo | Topaz 12 | Topaz 14 | Topaz 16 | Tres | Uno | Topper | Maverick | Xenon XK1
Material Steel
Boat Topper, Uno, Tres, Vibe, Ranger, Argo, Omega, Xenon, XK1, Fusion, Maverick, Topaz 12, Topaz 14, Topaz 16
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