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Exclusive Topper Part Exchange

Exclusive Topper Part Exchange

Wanted Race-Rigged Topper Boats

We are excited to unveil Topper International’s exclusive part exchange program, offering a unique opportunity to trade in used Toppers for new ones.

What does “exclusive” mean?

  • We will only consider boats in excellent condition.
  • There will be a limited number of part exchange Toppers available.
  • Initial part exchange valuation will be conducted based on photos and videos of your Topper.
  • Part exchange boats will undergo afinal inspection by our experts to determine thefinal exchange value.
  • Any damaged or bent parts of the boats will not be accepted, and the part exchange value will be
    adjusted accordingly.

Our goal is to streamline the process of upgrading to a new Topper by facilitating part exchanges, making the transition seamless for you.

We are seeking only high-quality part exchange Toppers to refurbish and sell to new Topper sailors. These refurbished boats will come with a twelve-month warranty, providing peace of mind to new families entering the Topper circuit.


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