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Test Sail A Topaz Vibe XL

The perfect performance training boat for sailing skiffs.

Topaz Vibe XL is an excellent choice for young, experienced sailors who require instantly accessible, exciting sailing. Standard features include reefing sails, a single trapeze, epoxy centerboard and lifting rudder system, righting lines, grab rails, sealed one-piece mast, and sails equipped with a flotation device.
The Topaz TRILAM hull construction gives unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness, and durability, packaged with a 3-year hull warranty.
Topaz Vibe XL produces high performance to take you to the next level of progression while still retaining the excellent stability and forgiveness of the beamy and chined Vibe hull. With a larger rig, the result is far more control and fewer spills than you would expect from a boat with this much performance.
Topaz Vibe XL offers the perfect training and coaching solution as a transition boat to get into 29er racing from single-handed sailing in Toppers and ILCA’s, which can be a big step into two-person skiff sailing. Experienced sailors often find the changeover difficult to grasp. Topaz Vibe XL’s stable hull design allows coaching to focus on sailor skills instead of keeping the boat upright and balanced. They will still have to master the skiff style of sailing—keeping the boat flat and not heeling over—but in a more controlled environment for the teacher and student.
To book your TEST SAIL on a Topaz Vibe XL contact our Sales Team.
Jon on 07785 735810
Russ on 07775 923655


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