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Re-Activate a Topper and Get Afloat – 2021 Offers

Do you have unused old Topper hulls at your Club? With a little bit of know-how and TLC, these boats can easily be restored and re-activated.

The ‘Re-Activate your Toppers’ initiative aims to get these dinghies back on the water. It is a really smart and inexpensive way of increasing junior and youth fleets at your club.

Restoring an old Topper is definitely a job that you can do yourself. It is amazing just how dramatic a transformation can be achieved with just a little a bit of time and effort. We can show you how a disused, and forgotten Topper can be brought back to life and got back out on the water sailing again. 

Any replacement parts such as toe straps, mastgate, self bailer, ropes, blocks, sails, etc are available to buy from Topper. Topper is offering highly subsidised re-activation packages to all UK Sailing Clubs and Schools wanting to re-fit re-activated Toppers.

If you feel you aren’t able to re-activate your old Toppers yourself, the team at Topper are happy to do the work for you at the factory. Please contact Russ Dent on +44 (0) 1233 629186 for more information.

Full ‘RE-ACTIVATE’ Package OFFER 2021:

Spar Set (£753.50 RRP)
Standard Club Boat Pack (£750 RRP)
HARKEN Centremain kit (£218.90 RRP)
4.2 Mainsail (£236.50 RRP).
Offer price £1,200.00 inc vat (RRP £1,958.90 inc vat) save £758.90

Subsidised Parts Offers:

  • 5.3 Mainsail (W60/RBF/HS)   £200   RRP £363.00   Save £163
  • Top Cover (W8/SE)   £85   RRP £127.05   Save £42.05
  • Under Cover (W10/SE)   £85   RRP £127.05   Save £42.05
  • Launching Trolley (TP176/3)   £240   RRP £376.20   Save £136.20
  • Spar set (D14WR/3)   £480   RRP £753.50   Save £273.50
  • Centre mainsheet kit (W39/HKN)   £165   RRP    £218.90   Save £53.90
  • Padded centre toe-strap (W12B/HS)   £23     RRP    £33.00   Save £10
  • Side padded toe-strap (pair) (W13B/HS)   £40 RRP £58.30   Save £18.30
  • Club rope set and block set (K2P/ BLK)   £100   RRP   £150.00   Save £50
  • Mast Gate Assy (B1/A)   £60   RRP £79.20   Save £19.20
  • Hull graphic pack (W24)   £30   RRP £60.00   Save £30
  • Rudder nut and bolt assembly (F/H3) £6   RRP   £7.26   Save £1.26
  • Tiller nut and bolt assembly (F/M5)   £6   RRP   £7.26   Save £1.26
  • Plastic nut covers (C9)   £0.60   RRP £1.00   Save £0.40
  • Topper Gudgeon plate (s/steel) (N2S)   £30   RRP   £44.00   Save £14
  • Topper hull plate (A4)   £30   RRP £41.25   Save £11.25
  • Topper transom plate (TT10)   £47   RRP £77.00   Save £30

Please call if you need any parts that are not listed here – POA.
All prices listed are inc vat.
Limited Offer.
UK Clubs & Schools only.

Please contact Topper if you are interested in re-activating some Toppers at your club. Please email or call on +44 (0) 1233 629186.


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