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Topper Sailboats will be launching the new Topaz RANGER in 2020. The Topaz Ranger is a really good all-round boat. She is simple enough for virtual novices, has decent capacity and offers the potential for club racing.

The Ranger has a really nice deep and spacious cockpit with the capacity to comfortably carry one to four crew. The cockpit has additional seating with two seats positioned at the front of the cockpit and a fibreglass thwart in the centre together with seating on the side of the boat. The Ranger is also fitted with a Gnav-System on the boom to further optimise the cockpit space. The boom is the right height to give good clearance for junior crew.

The Topper Ranger is therefore the ideal family boat, but is also ideal for teaching and rental purposes. Ideal for recreational use, but also a sporty sailor, thanks to optional additions such as gennaker and trapeze. It makes the Topaz Ranger versatile and complete. The hull shape is elegant and tough and of course the very best materials are used, as you are used to from Topper.

The lightweight pivoting epoxy centreboard and rudder make for easy, family-friendly sailing. The lightweight rig with pivoting mast-foot enable you to raise and lower the mast single-handedly.

Sails are available in Dacron for durability or Mylar for extra performance. A trapeze kit is also available as an option.

The mainsail has a detachable flotation device fitted at the head of the sail. The furling jib is simple enough for a beginner to use making launching and recovery super-simple. Righting-lines and grab-rails are safety features fitted as standard.

TRILAM construction unique to the Topaz range gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability. Additional built-in buoyancy, a high-freeboard and a flared gunnel deliver pedigree performance and a drier sail.

• Great value for fun sailing and club racing.
• Safe, stable and reassuring hull shape.
• Spacious and comfortable cockpit holds up to four adults.
• High boom makes the boat feel comfortable and spacious.
• Boom is at right height to give good clearance for junior crew.
• Gnav-System, as standard, optimises already generoud cockpit space.
• Handy storage compartments in cockpit and transom areas.
• Additional built-in buoyancy, high-freeboard and flared gunnel.
• Lightweight pivoting foam-sandwich centreboard and rudder for ease of use.
• Reefing Dacron mainsail allows you to reduce the sail area so that the power can be controlled depending on the weather conditions and the sailor size and experience.
• Furling jib is simple enough for a beginner to use and fitted as standard.
• Detachable flotation device, fitted as standard at the head of the sail.

Length 3.94m
Beam 1.56m
Crew 1-4
Hull weight 90kg
Construction Topaz TRILAM
Sail area ex spi 9.10m2
Main 6.90m2
Jib 2.20m2
Spinnaker 8.41m2 (option)
Trapeze option
Level novice – club racer
PY 1185 (provisional)

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