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Joining a Sailing Club

Starting out in sailing can be daunting, but it needn’t be. Joining a club gives you reassurance and a reliable base for both sailors and parents. Whether you’re looking to buy your first boat, or completely new to the sport altogether, a club is a great way to immerse yourself amongst like-minded people.

Why Join a Club?

There are many entry points into sailing, but joining a club provides the variety and support that sometimes solo ownership just can’t. A great platform to develop sailing ability, clubs usually have a vast offering of boats that are available for members to loan and learn from.

With access to changing rooms, toilets and showering, Clubhouses offer the convenience of being able to continue with your day once you’ve retired from the water. Many also offer the opportunity to purchase refreshments.

Many Sailing Clubs in the UK provide the option of keeping your boat onsite (included in your membership). This means there’s no need to transport your boat each time you want to take it out on the water!

As with any club, you often get a social aspect that accompanies. You’ll meet other sailors and have access to a wider support network to discuss and share tips or advice. Some clubs also offer regular social events as well as club-organised race days!

Boat Ownership
If you are considering buying a boat, Clubs can offer the flexibility to loan one until you know which is right for you. They can also help guide your purchase, and some may even sell to you directly. Everything you need for peace of mind.

News & Events
From key sailing dates, to countrywide boat shows, your local sailing club will be sure to give you the latest news and any advice you need.

Surprisingly, the cost of joining a club is relatively low compared to that of other sports. It even rivals an annual gym membership in some areas!

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Starting out in sailing can be daunting, but it needn’t be. Joining a club gives you reassurance and a reliable base for both sailors and

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